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Thank you for visiting! PremaLife has a wide and diverse range of products, not all of which are carried by your local distributor. If you would like to purchase an item not currently stocked by your preferred distributor, please contact us directly and we will work with you and your distributor to make you selection available.


PremaLife – products, services and information, tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

At PremaLife, we’re promoting health and wellness by delivering quality ‘practitioner only’ wholesale natural therapy products, services and information to industry professionals. All of our products are designed by practitioners to meet the needs of your clients. And if we don’t have exactly what you need we also provide complementary medicine contract manufacturing from our HACCP certified premises, using state of the art processing techniques and the world’s finest raw ingredients.

We are committed to supporting health care practitioners in their practice and offer all of our members free access to our learning portal, with tools to help you in your clinical practice like seminar and teleconference notes, opinion pieces from leading industry professionals and the latest research, along with access to our expert technical support team.
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Find products, services and information tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. And it’s free to join!

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Make your own

PremaLife Pty Ltd

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Do you want to get you own brand of supplements or functional blends to market?

Want more margin?

Want your own label?
Want your clients repeat prescriptions?
At Make Your Own Brand we offer all of the above with competitive pricing and minimum orders as small as 28 units for existing formulae, and 90 units for personalised formulae.



Diabetes national tour seminar 2016

The Drop on Blood 
Sugar Regulation


 Brisbane 27 April 2016
Sydney May 3 2016
Adelaide 1 June 2016

After 40 years in clinic, Glen Gillard has come to see the importance of looking at diabetes as a multi-organ issue, with each major organ playing its part in pancreas failure. Come and learn about the role of the liver, kidneys and thyroid in the development of diabetes and the true underlying causes in the development of sugar dysregulation and insulin insensitivity.

PremaLife Pty Ltd
PremaLife Pty Ltd
PremaLife Pty Ltd